I am a passionate and highly experienced software developer with 20+ years of experience building software products for the web. I have been programming computers since I got my Sinclair ZX81 in 1985 and have been making them do interesting and delightful things since.

I mostly use Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including frameworks like React) and PostgreSQL. I believe the best software is well tested and built collaboratively and iteratively with continual feedback from the product owner.


Dan Barber


Front-end web development

Back-end web development

Mobile/App development

Tools and processes


Imagine Learning (formerly Learnzillion)

Senior Developer: Aug 2021—Present

Buoy Software

Senior Developer: Feb 2021—Jun 2021

thoughtbot (formerly New Bamboo)

Senior Developer: Nov 2012—Jan 2021

During my time at thoughtbot I worked on a large number of projects directly with clients. Here are some highlights from the projects I worked on:


Web Designer & Developer: Aug 2010—Apr 2015

WebBased Ltd

Web Developer: Dec 2011—Nov 2012


Web Developer: Jun 2010—Oct 2011